Yes, it does, when it is a bond information network that combines an agile software approach with a unique matching network, specifically designed to unlock liquidity simply, anonymously, and securely. 

Adding to that, our association with Mirexa Capital, part of TP ICAP group, ensures we’re here to stay.

We all know the well-publicised issues in credit markets: lack of liquidity driven by ongoing balance sheet constraints, regulatory pressures, continued low interest rate environment and so on. Yet, the numerous platforms out there today have not solved these problems fully.  

LiquidityChain’s unique approach looks to tackle the issue in a different manner by focusing on the user's workflow and building a network of opportunity delivered through a sophisticated pairing solution which allows users to setup and control their own watch lists and axes in an anonymous manner.  It is an old cliché but the system has truly been designed by bond people for bond people.   

After 24 years building and marketing software applications, I’ve learned the hard way that these two things are vital to long term success and I’m delighted that after a year of planning we’ve got them covered:

Have an agile, responsive approach

We take an agile approach to software. Right now, we are getting ready to launch the first iteration of the application in early April 2017. This will be a very lightweight but feature rich product, designed to fulfil our primary goal - solving the liquidity challenges and in doing so, becoming a dominant player in the market. 

Our approach is to work with clients to learn how to serve them best and quickly build up the product to maximise their ability to trade. We also have a comprehensive roadmap, including mobile apps, exciting partnerships with selected partners and other platforms and most importantly an API first approach. This allows other developers to build applications that connect to ours to increase liquidity and functionality.

Find partners that will add value

We have the perfect partners for a new bond network - a well established interdealer broker, Mirexa Capital, part of TP ICAP group, the world’s largest interdealer broker. 

Mirexa Capital brings a wealth of experience and clients we can build upon and their input to date has been invaluable.

What Now?

We are finishing and testing the new platform and you can see all the features here. In the meantime we are in discussion with a small number of target firms to join us for launch. You can book a demo here or pre-register.


I could not be more excited about the future of LiquidityChain and it just leaves me to thank my team and Formulate Digital for their hard work getting here along with our partners, Mirexa Capital.

Richard Smith

Richard Smith
Founder & CTO


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