Company name: FactEntry

Year founded: 2007


Author: Tony McLaren

Q: Introducing FactEntry

FactEntry was founded in 2007 just before the financial crisis hit the credit market in 2008 and thus we are aware of the challenges of data research and data sourcing.

Our level of experience has resulted in us identifying opportunities in the fixed income markets for high quality, accurate data and bespoke customised solutions. The information that is critical for accurate pricing and valuation of bonds and effective risk management.

Q: What excites you about working with LiquidityChain?

We understand that archaic licensing deals are not helpful to start up ventures. As such, we have chosen to support new ventures with business models which fit their needs alongside providing only the information they require.

Q: How have you found working with LiquidityChain so far? 

We found the opportunity to work with LiquidityChain via our relationship with TP ICAP. 

It became clear that our two companies shared a meeting of minds because of our vision to provide the market with granular data on a user friendly platform makes the price discovery process even smoother.

Q: What does the future hold for FactEntry and LiquidityChain?

We hope that as LiquidityChain grows, we will be able to facilitate their expansion with outstanding technology and data every step of the way - securely, innovatively and with the required experience to support their needs.

We are proud to be driving this project which is delivering a tangible step-change through strong collaboration, bringing together the broad expertise and experience of ourselves and LiquidityChain. We look forward to stimulating and launching new solutions for the sector’s challenges.

Richard Smith

Richard Smith
Founder & CTO


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