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LiquidityChain enables market participants to discover disparate pools of liquidity. We lower the barriers to connectivity, linking people together to maximise the potential to trade.

Our innovative technology enhances the abilities of human traders, delivering valuable insights and unique opportunities.

Liquiditychain puts power directly in your hands, preserving your anonymity to remove market risk. You can discreetly upload indications of interest and set up alerts for activity in those ISINs, saving time and leaving the work to technology.

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Why LiquidityChain?

LiquidityChain is specifically designed to unlock liquidity simply, effectively and securely

Liquidity hybrid Hybrid

Seamlessly integrates smart technology with human capital to unlock liquidity

LiquidityChain Device
Liquidity anonymous Anonymous

Provides complete and discreet control
of your information

Liquidity bespoke Bespoke

Customisable user preferences
for a tailor made client experience

Liquidity simple Simple

Web based design provides a sleek,
user enhanced experience that
requires no additional IT lift

Liquidity compliant Compliant

An information portal built to meet current
and future regulatory requirements

LiquidityChain LiquidityChain

Launching in 2018

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